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1.6 Million Dollar Verdict In Assault Case

Many Settlements In Excess Of $100,000.00 in personal injury, civil rights and medical malpractice cases

Civil Rights Landmark Cases Involving The Right To Video Record, Right To Leaflet And To Free Speech: freedom of speech, excessive force, property right violations, illegal search, spiritual freedom and unlawful retaliation

General Counsel For Many Businesses, in the energy, chemicals and real estate industries International Business Innovator With Presentations on HOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH COMMERCIAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS,, MONEY LAUNDERING, LETTERS OF CREDIT, TRANSNATIONAL LITIGATION AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETHICS including live presentations from Asia and Europe. Experience in probate and disposition of many estates and estate litigation Discover a quality law firm based on experience, integrity, and client-centered services that bring good results.

Dear Michael, We are so grateful to you for all your help in obtaining a settlement with Liberty Mutual and the Rawlings Group. Thank you for your attention to detail and negotiation to final settlement. We are so grateful for the funds. Blessings and shalom.

Linda & Paul Cruz