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Excellence in International Business (I.B.) requires experience, knowledge of trends and developments in the law,  relationships with experts in many related areas of the law, knowledge of foreign cultures and language, skill at development of new relarionships, negotiation and litigation skills, skill in drafting transactional documents and personal qualities such as courage, tact, trustworthiness and integrity.

Years of working as a visiting lecturer in law schools in China, mentoring students, working in major trials and having international interns and a tutor in Mandarin have provided unique understanding of the Chinese culture.  Being Chairman of the International Business Initiative of the Philadelphia Bar Association has helped me bring together top experts in many facets of international business to learn with attendees and write articles on informative topics in I.B. which have been published every month for years. Never before has independent research of recent case law on cases involving international business resulting in monthly handouts containing detailed summaries of such cases ever been attempted in the Philadelphia Bar Association, the oldest bar assocaition in the U.S. Doing such research has provided valuable ongoing insight on the issues of international business and how the courts have ruled, which is helpful for both transactional and litigation practices. Clients benefit from this experience.

Attorney Considine is a  member of the Global CEO Network, which provides help to companies expanding their presences overseas and has lectured at their annual meetings.

Additionally, the firm has helped business clients in Haiti to obtain USDA organic certification for organic mangos.

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