Non-Profit Organizations

Forming Non-Profit in Philadelphia PA Info

Considine has represented many non-profit organizations in drafting nonprofit articles of incorporation, obtaining federal employment identification numbers, drafting by-laws, drafting minutes of corporate resolutions,  and providing counsel on many legal issues for nonprofits.

Attorney Considine has also worked to draft documents and file for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for many nonprofits.

Every nonprofit he has worked for has obtained nonprofit status.

In 2010 he lectured at the Global CEO Network in Orlando, FL on the L3C. The L3C is a hybrid between a nonprofit and an S Corporation. It permits two classes of investors. The purpose of the organization must be more than just to make money, although it may make a reasonable profit and provide a return to investors. It must have some type of humanitarian purpose. What is most remarkable about the L3C is that it allows private investors to invest as well as foundations, provided certain criteria are met for the foundation investments. They must be qualified investments.  It does  not provide tax-deductible donations but  is attractive because it can attract both private and foundation funding.

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