Estate Lawyer

Estate Lawyer

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

As an estate lawyer, Attorney Considine has drafted many wills and helped many clients plan their estates. He has worked on many trust documents.

He has represented many estates in Pennsylvania and Colorado. He has vast experience in probate, working with the Register of Wills and Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and finding and having assets properly valued. He uses expert appraisers, Certified Public Accountants and tax experts to assist with federal estate tax returns and the deceased’s state tax return.

He educates the representatives and beneficiaries of the estate as to the process, makes sure all bills of the deceased are paid promptly, and works regularly with banks, investment companies, companies whose stock is part of the estate, energy companies where royalties are in the estate, and companies which help marshal and sell assets and prepare real estate for sale.

He has experience dealing with rare and valuable assets such as jewelry, Steinway pianos, family heirlooms, rare coins, gold and precious metals and interests in oil fields. He has experience in Colorado estates and electronic filing.

He counsels clients on investments, dealing with creditors, strategy for insolvent estates, the interpretation of wills, and tax issues. He advises on investment in offshore trusts. He prepares Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax returns, obtains federal employment identification numbers online and short certificates for estates, prepares and has published estate notices and advises on strategies to legally minimize state and federal taxes.

He has experience in probate litigation involving disputes between beneficiaries, unlawful taking of property or money from accounts, disputes between parents and their children, incompetent beneficiaries, lost assets, later-discovered assets, and distribution disputes. He has experience dealing with estates and estate counsel in other states.

By working to communicate regularly with beneficiaries and estate representatives usually such disputes are avoided and the intent of the deceased stated in their will is brought into effect and the beneficiaries paid their distribution promptly.

Usually he charges an hourly rate plus costs because in many cases it saves money for the estate over a sliding scale percentage fee.

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