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Business Lawyer Philadelphia PA

Attorney Considine has represented a whole range of businesses in various business transactions. These include purchases of a health food store and vacuum cleaner sales and service business, and sales of a tax preparation and other businesses.

The firm has experience in many other corporate matters such as stock sales agreements, construction contracts, employment contracts,  fictitious names, filings of foreign companies to do business in another state, theft of business interests, disputes between shareholders,  and many other business contracts.

Businesses represented include a traffic data business, barber shop, Industrial Lime Wholesaler, towing business, granite countertop seal business, cosmetic bead jewelry business, business supply company, book publisher, timber company, confectionery business, water retailer, auction company, software business, international humanitarian business, real estate developer and a variety of other businesses.

Considine has successfully represented businesses in litigation, including successful defense of a hardwood flooring business against a claim of violating a non-compete agreement, obtaining an injunction for a law firm whose business was threatened by a landlord’s illegal actions, and in other matters.

The firm has incorporated many businesses, and provides services such as drafting and filing articles of incorporation, drafting initial minutes and minutes of annual meetings, obtaining employer identification numbers and Sunchapter S status for small businesses,  drafting and filing amendments to corporate names, and many matter dealing with local, state and federal filings for corporations.

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