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I am Tracy Bell, 25 South 3rd Street, Colwyn, PA 19023. I am employed by Colywn Borough where have been employed in the Highway Department for 11 years. I am a client of J. Michael Considine, Jr., P.C., 1845 Walnut Street, Suite 1199, Philadelphia, PA 19103. He represented me in a case in which I was repeatedly called a nigger by a council member (we found out later he used the terms about others). After I complained about it I was fired although I was a good worker and always had good job reviews. Mr. Considine was hired because my previous attorney did not call witnesses, obtain documents or do much to help my case. Considine called all the names I gave him, worked tirelessly to find witnesses, went many times to get documents from various sources, spent many hours questioning witnesses under oath, summarized all the depositions and did a very long summary for the presentation to the magistrate judge. We worked as a team. He used wise strategy to get a magistrate judge that listened and brought about a settlement in federal court that was fair.

I recommend other clients to him. We communicated well and worked as a team. I think he will do a good job for a civil rights organization or any client.

Tracy Bell

Michael helped me in a very emotionally-charged situation get precious stolen  family heirlooms back to my family. He found evidence, skillfully questioned witnesses under oath and helped to protect the legacy of my father. We worked as a team. He kept me balanced. We won a great result and have become friends. I am grateful for him.

Jill D. Peterson

Dear Michael, We are so grateful to you for all your help in obtaining a settlement with Liberty Mutual and the Rawlings Group. Thank you for your attention to detail and negotiation to final settlement. We are so grateful for the funds. Blessings and shalom.

Linda & Paul Cruz

Michael went door to door and came many times to Sharon Hill to help me find eyewitnesses. He found me a doctor who diagnosed my condition and helped me get treatment after I was thrown to the ground by a police officer and suffered very serious injuries. We worked as a team. I recommend you hire his law firm. He helped me get justice.

Wayne Asbury, Sr.

I was arrested and tackled by police for videotaping truck stops from 30 feet away. Michael and I worked together to find a videotape of the incident had been partially erased. We listened to the audio portion.Playing it over and turning up the volume we found a speaker saying “I’ll erase that—ain’t getting me sued.” We went to trial and Michael called three officers on cross examination and played the tape. We won the trial in federal court. The reported opinion was one of the first cases in the country to establish the right to videotape police in the performance of their duties. I recommend you use his law firm. I will always be grateful for him.

Allen Robinson

With solid legal advice, expedient administration, and astute perception of needs, J. Michael Considine, Jr. P.C. enabled my business to get up and running quickly and efficiently. It has been pure pleasure to work with Michael.

Bob Hormann, President, Boraura, Inc.

Rescuing A Case

I was seriously injured when a speeding van hit my bike and ran over my ankle while I was lying in a crosswalk. My ankle was crushed with a Weber C ankle fracture after I watched from the ground in horror as the van's tire ran over my ankle. My former attorney failed to interview 13 witnesses who were on the van, another witness, the police officer, the transport company president who never investigated the cause of the accident. The deadline for discovery was near. My case could have ben destroyed. Michael rescued my case. He got deadlines extended, made dozens of calls, interviewed and deposed the witnesses, videotaped them for trial, hit the streets with me to find evidence, and worked as a team with me. His strategy at trial, including me lying down on the  courtroom floor to show how the accident happened forced the insurance company to settle the case on the second day of trial. He fought to get me justice. I am grateful for him. If you want very high quality work from a trial attorney, please call Michael. Alexander Broche

$1.6 Million Dollar Verdict In Assault Case

Many Settlements In Excess Of $100,000.00 in personal injury, civil rights and medical malpractice cases

Civil Rights Landmark Cases Involving The Right To Video Tape In Public Places, Right To Leaflet And To Free Speech: Freedom of Speech, Excessive Force, Property Right Violations, Illegal Search, Racial Discrimination, Spiritual Freedom and Unlawful Retaliation

General Counsel For Many Businesses, in the Energy, Chemicals, Real Estate and other Industries, Mr. Considine is an International Business Innovator With Presentations on HOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH COMMERCIAL SHIPPING DOCUMENTS, MONEY LAUNDERING, LETTERS OF CREDIT, TRANSNATIONAL LITIGATION AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETHICS including live presentations from Asia and Europe.

Experience in probate and disposition of many estates and estate litigation.  

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