International Trade Lawyers Share Their Secrets

International Trade Lawyers Share Their Secrets Four attorneys who have dealt with cases involving international trade secrets discussed their experiences at a recent meeting of the International Business Initiative Committee. The speakers included Dean Pelletier of McAndrews, Held & Malloy of Chicago, counsel in Tian Rui v. ITC, a recent decision in which the International [...]


GERMANY AND BUSINESS At a recent presentation at the International Business Initiative a discussion on Germany and Business was led by Ralf Dietmar Wiedemann, Honorary Consul of Germany in Philadelphia, Ralf Weiser, a native German employed as Manager/Engineering Technical by Aerzen USA Corp., a Coatesville subsidiary of a German Corporation in the Blowers-Compressor-Vacuum Pumps Industry, [...]


 TRADE SECRETS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LITIGATION Counsel in two of the most important recent trade secrets decisions, Dean Pelletier, of McAndrews, Held and Malloy, of Chicago, counsel a 2012 Federal Circuit case in which the ITC enjoined import of products containing protected trade secrets, Glenn M. Strapp, of Bracewell and Guiliani, LLP, of Houston, TX, [...]

Strategy Regarding International Arbitration

Strategy Regarding International Arbitration Arbitration is not appropriate for every international dispute. Sometimes litigation is a better, other times both can be used, according to Bruce Marks of Marks & Sokolov, with offices in Philadelphia and Moscow, and Peter Ashford, Solicitor for Fox Williams, LLP in London at the International Business Initiative. Wise counsel weigh [...]


CURRENCIES & MYSTERIOUS ALTERNATIVES By J. Michael Considine, Jr. and Francesca Ranza Knowledge about the currency market, the largest yet least regulated market in the world, and new alternatives, will help avoid problems in business. Michael Taylor, Philadelphia Branch Manager, Philadelphia, Alex Eadie, Vice-President of Operations and Compliance, Edmonton, Alberta, Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation, and [...]

Informative Seminar on Ethics in International Business

Informative Seminar on Ethics in International Business December 15, 2015 Philadelphia, PA      On December 9, 2015, the International Business Initiative of the Philadelphia Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Institute sponsored an interesting seminar Ethics in International Business in Philadelphia, PA. Your international business will have ethic issues. Become informed to be successful in business. [...]


DOING BUSINESS WITH INDIA India, a BRICS nation, a is rising economic giant with wonderful opportunities for U.S. Companies. But they must be educated as to the risks. Much has changed since I visited Karnataka State and gave a presentation to the Belguam Bar Association in 1986. The attorneys there rode motorscooters and a visiting [...]


ISRAELI BUSINESS IS ABOUT INNOVATION Meet as many people as you can. Focus on the customer. Take advantage of discounts. Zig-zag and adjust to change. Use social media. Develop a theme such as quality or price. These are some keys to success, according to two Israeli entrepreneurs who spoke live from Israel at the International [...]


BRIBES IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Recently Robert Ridge of Thorp Reed and Armstrong, a former counsel in the Anti-Fraud Unit of the Department of Justice, and Dennis Boyle of Boyle, Autry and Murphy, a former Special Assistant United States Attorney and U.S. Navy Judge Advocate lead a discussion on Bribes in International Business. The effect of [...]

Humor Helps International Business

Humor Helps International Business Can a Playful Spirit, a Light Heart, Joking and Laughter help you be successful? Used wisely, it can help build bonds with clients that will help your practice, according to Henri de Jongste, a Lecturer at FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, Germany, author of Humor in [...]


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